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We have One-Stop Agro Services Centres in rural and semi-urban across Nigeria where Financial Inclusion Services are also provided by Agrisccos Ltd in partnership and support of PremiumTrust Bank Ltd. As Super-Agent, we deliver banking solutions to compliment and expand the reach of the services of PremiumTrust Bank in rural and semi-urban Nigeria where commercial banks branches are absent. 

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Agrisccos Ltd ...... Driving Financial Inclusion for Sustainable Agribusiness & Better Rural life

About Us

Agrisccos Ltd is a financial inclusion facilitating firm registered and incorporated in Nigeria by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and headquartered in Abuja, Nigeria. Agrisccos Ltd is a subsidiary of Usreedt Weach. It provides financial inclusion solutions at Usreedt Agro-Services Centre (UASC) located in several rural and semi-urban communities across Nigeria. 


To us, financial inclusion is easy access and usage of high-quality financial products and services to all people in Nigeria. Available data indicate that more than 54% of Nigeria's population do not have access to the formal financial sector. Every year, large volumes of business transactions worth over N2trillion which are carried out mostly in the rural and semi-urban areas by individuals and MSMEs do not pass through the Nigeria's banking system. This is mainly due to non-availability of bank branches in these remote areas which has created huge banking and financial services gap between the formal banking sector in the urban areas and the informal agrarian sector in the rural areas. To bridge this gap, UASC Centres are located in the rural and semi-urban areas where there is no physical presence of commercial banks despite the high population density with large volume of business activities mostly farming and agro-allied businesses. As a super-premium agent, Agrisccos Ltd, in partnership with PremiumTrust Bank Ltd, one of the new commercial banks licenced by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), brings banking and financial solution services to the doorsteps of individuals and agribusiness MSMEs in rural and semi-urban areas thereby contributing significantly to driving financial inclusion in Nigeria. 


Agrisccos Ltd is managed by highly qualified and experienced agribusiness financing experts and credit risk management professionals with support from its partner Banks.


Why Your Choice of Agrisccos Ltd?

As an approved super-premium agent of PremiumTrust Bank Ltd, there are several reasons to justify the establishment and operations of Agrisccos Ltd. The following are the advantages that makes Agrisccos Ltd more competitive than other agent banks.

  • Licensed and Approved Super-Agent Bank (SAB): Agrisccos Ltd is an approved and authentic super-agent of a licenced national bank in Nigeria, PremiumTrust Bank Ltd, delivering affordable, efficient, reliable, safe and secured services and transactions on real time at its permanent business Centre located in a rural/semi-urban Nigeria. This gives prospective and existing customers the confidence that Agrisccos is genuine and truly a representative of PremiumTrust Bank Ltd.

  • Efficient and Affordable Banking and Financial Services Delivery:

    • Real time service delivery: All transactions are conducted via an on-line real-time basis within a robust, reliable and secured system that supports agent banking activities.

    • Affordability: At Agrisccos, the transaction charges and fees are lower and within the reach of smallholder farmers, Agro-MSMEs and cottage industries in the rural and semi-urban areas. Agrisccos Ltd provide advisory services that assist customers PremiumTrust Bank Ltd to easily obtain loans, credit and guarantees to support and grow their agribusinesses at a cost lower than what the informal lenders offer. There is no doubt that its service fees and commission are lower than those of the informal money lenders.

  • Provision of Capacity-Building Services: Agrisccos Ltd provides several capacity building training services on financial literacy, management, good agribusiness practices, etc. This is to empower their customers and clients to be prudent and better manage their financial resources especially the borrowers for prompt loan repayments.

  • Provision of Several Agro-Support Services: In addition to providing advisory, technical and extension support services, Agrisccos Ltd operates in its own permanent business building and premises with established agribusinesses besides its agent banking business. This affords customers of PremiumTrust Bank the opportunities for support services including access to quality farm mechanization services, farm inputs, buy-back and market linkages, warehousing, insurance services, etc.

  • Customers’ Confidence and Protection: Agrisccos being an authentic super-premium agent of PremiumTrust Bank Ltd ensures that wherever it is operating, its customers are provided with clear identification of PremiumTrust Bank Ltd it represents. The logo and name of PremiumTrust Bank Ltd with contact address and telephone numbers are visibly displayed within the UASC premises. Also, the emblem or sticker showing that customers’ funds are protected via NDIC insurance is conspicuously displayed.

What We Do at Agrisccos Ltd


Agrisccos Ltd is designed to provide the platform to encourage, sensitize and mobilize Agro-MSMEs (input dealers, farmers, agro-commodity traders, agro-processing industries, agro-logistics and transporters, etc) in the rural and semi-urban markets to establish formal banking relationships with PremiumTrust Bank Ltd. This is aimed at capturing the huge economic and financial activities in the rural and semi-urban areas and markets whose populace have been financially excluded from the formal banking sector thereby contributing to the overall growth and development of the agricultural sector of Nigeria’s economy.​​

  • Agent Banking Services: As a super-premium agent bank of PremiumTrust Bank Ltd, we bring full-scale and secured banking and financial services to farmers and Agro-MSMEs in rural and semi-urban areas of Nigeria. This is to bridge the gap created by lack of traditional/conventional branch banking of commercial banks in rural areas due to high transaction costs, risks, inconveniences, etc. We work with a branch of PremiumTrust Bank to provide SCARFF (Secured, Convenient, Affordable, Reliable, Flexible and Fast) banking and financial solutions such as Account Opening, issuance of debit cards, cash withdrawal and deposits, savings mobilization, fund transfers, dormant accounts reactivation, issuance of Bank Statements, processing of clearing cheques, provision of Off-site ATM Services, account balance enquiries, payment of utility bills, etc. These banking services and transactions are delivered on real time basis in a permanent business premises in the rural and semi-urban agrarian communities. 

  • Agro-Cooperatives Loans and Credit Services: As a super-premium agent of a licenced commercial bank, Agrisccos Ltd supports agro-based multi-purpose cooperative societies in facilitating their access to agribusiness and MSME loans, credit and guarantees to members agro-based cooperative societies at affordable rates within the fundamental principles guiding the operations of cooperative societies. In providing these services, Agrisccos Ltd also partners with local and international development organizations working within the public and private sectors.

  • Savings Mobilization Services: At Agrisccos Ltd, we encourage, sensitize and mobilize savings from Agro-MSMEs (Agro-input dealers, farmers, agro-commodity traders, agro-processing industries, traders, agro-artisans, agro-logistics and transporters, etc) who are customers of PremiumTrust Bank Ltd for investments and business expansion in the agricultural sector.

  • Data Collection and Mining Services: We build reliable agribusiness and financial data and information base for government, financial institutions, development organizations and policy makers.

  • Financial Consultancy Services: We provide financial literacy, technical, management and advisory services to Agro-MSMEs, Cooperatives, Associations, etc.

  • Agro-Cooperatives Management Services: We coordinate, organize and manage Agro-MSME Cooperative groups. This includes overseeing the formation, registration, management and facilitating the onboarding of the unbanked agro-based Cooperatives and Associations into the formal banking system.

  • Agro Insurance Support Services: We partner with insurance companies for the issuance of insurance policy and payment of insurance claims;

  • Digital and Fintech Services: We provide ancillary services such as Fintech services, SIM card registration and sales, phone sales and repairs, recharge card sales, bulk SMS, etc.

Our Vision
To be the most reliable and trusted partner in providing financial inclusion services for the growth and development of the agribusiness and rural sectors in Nigeria.


Our Mission

To provide efficient platform for easy access to banking and financial services for sustainable agribusiness development and improved rural life.

Our Core Values

Our core values reflect our work and are captured with the acronym “T.I.P.S.”

  • Techno-centric: We strive to employ the best technology to efficiently drive our services to the delight of our customers. 

  • Integrity: We maintain the highest ethical standards in all aspect of our work without fear or favour.

  • Professionalism: We discharge our duties according to laid down rules and agreement with our staff, customers and partners.

  • Service-oriented: We focus on keeping to our promises in the delivery of our services to customers.

Dr. Yusuf O. Muhammed (DBA)
B.Sc (Bus Admin), PGD (Credit Mgt), MBA (Finance), M.Sc. (Finance & Financial Law), DBA, CFIA, ICMA, FCILRM, FCIB, FCMA. FNIM
He has over 26 years banking experience in finance and credit risk management across commercial banks in Nigeria.
(Director, Finance & Credit Risk Management)
Barr. Olasunkanmi O. Calyox.jpg
Barr. Olasunkanmi O. Calyox
ND (Law), HND (Public Admin), LL.B (Hons), BL (Law)
He has over 9 years experience in the practice of law.
(Director, Legal Services & Company secretary)
Sam Tortiv.jpg
Mr Samuel Tortiv
B.Sc (Economics)
He has over 2 years banking experience in relationship management and 8 years practical experience in crop farming and farmers cooperative management.
(National Chairman, SUSEED Multi-purpose Coop. Society)
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