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SUSSED Agro Ltd --- Farm Produce, Products & Services for Food Security & Agro-Industrialization in Nigeria

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About Us

ABS Fresh Farms and Agro-allied Ltd is an agro-based industrial company registered and incorporated in Nigeria by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and headquartered in Abuja, Nigeria. It is is a subsidiary of Usreedt Weach that provides produce, products and services along the agricultural value chain for selected crop and animal enterprises that are of significant importance to the economy of Nigeria. 


Empirical evidence abound which suggest that Nigeria is among the countries with the least efficiency in agro-production. What we are doing at ABS Fresh Farms is to change this narrative by employing scientific research and improved techniques in driving agribusiness solutions in Nigeria. We have well-trained and experienced agro-services personnel and partners within and outside Nigeria working together to achieve our goals. Our UASC Centres are located in the rural and semi-urban areas where our services are needed most especially areas with high population density and large volume of business activities mostly farming and agro-allied businesses. At ABS Fresh Farms Ltd, in partnership with other agro-allied companies, we bring farming and agro-services to the door-steps of individuals and agribusiness MSMEs in rural and semi-urban areas thereby contributing significantly in agribusiness development in Nigeria. 


ABS Fresh Farms Ltd is managed by highly qualified and experienced farming and agribusiness experts and professionals with support from its partner agro-allied companies.


Why Should You Choose ABS Fresh Farms & Agro-allied Ltd?

  • Fair Prices for Agro-Commodities

At ABS Fresh Farms, we employ the most innovative and efficient techniques to maximize our outputs and minimize our operational costs in order to deliver our a,gro-commodities (both agro-inputs, harvested farm produce, and agro-products) at highly competitive and fair prices to our customers and business partners. 

  • Committed to Food Safety and Quality

In this era of high use of cancer and diseases-causing chemicals in food and fibre production, serious awareness are being created on the need for food safety. At ABS Fresh farms, we strive to reduce to the barest minimum the use of agro-chemicals that are ecologically unfriendly and detrimental to human health. 

  • Guaranteed High Return on Investment

The primary role of every investor is to earn high return on investment. At ABS Fresh farms, we have designed several high-yielding agribusiness projects.

  • Commitment to quality and punctuality

At ABS Fresh Farms, we do not compromise on the quality of our services and products. We strive to meet the quality expectations of our customers and partners while delivering our services and products within the agreed timelines.

Our Vision
To be the most innovative and scientifically-driven agro-based company in Nigeria.


Our Mission

To provide high quality agro-commodities and services in the most efficient manner at highly competitive prices to the delight of our customers and business partners.

Our Core Values

  • Efficiency: 

  • Quality-oriented: 

  • Customer-focused:

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