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UASC Agro-allied Ltd
We Provide Agro-Logistics Services (ALS)

Our UASC Centre where a Business Unit is responsible for providing ALS Agro-Value Chain Actors

Warehoused Agro-Receipt Services (WARS)

Nigeria produces large volume of food and fibre commodities every year. Available data indicates that more than 90% of these harvested agro-commodities are produced by smallholder farmers who cultivate less than 5 hectares per farmer. These smallholders who depend on the rain-fed farming system cultivate and harvest at the same time of the year lack the requisite facilities to adequately store their harvests. Hence, more than 45% of these harvested commodities go to waste as post-harvest losses.


At our UASC Centre, we have warehouses for the storage of harvested agro-commodities especially grains such as rice, beans, maize, sorghum, etc. UASC Agro-allied Ltd offers warehouse agro-receipt services for farmers and agro-commodity merchants in the following areas: ​

  • Agro-commodity storage services

  • Agro-derivatives services

  • Agro-commodity collateral management services

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Agro-Commodity Sales & Supplies (ACSS)

Place utility which involves the buying of agro-inputs (such as fertilizers, seeds, herbicides, feeds, pesticides, etc) and harvested farm produce (such as paddy rice, tomatoes, onions, maize, sesame seeds, yam, cowpea, etc) as well as processed agro-products (such as head rice, maize flour, palm oil, etc) from the production locations where these items are abundant at lower prices and selling them in locations of higher consumption where the demand and prices are higher are one of the important services we render.

At UASC Agro-allied Ltd, we provide the following agro-commodity sales and supplies services that guarantee higher returns on investment. ​

  • Agro-Commodity Exchange & Trading Services (ACETS).

  • Agro-commodity merchandising

  • Agro-commodity aggregation services

  • Agro-haulage and transport services

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