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UASC Agro-allied Ltd
We Provide Farm & Agro-Inputs Manufacturing and Mechanization Services (FAIMMS)

Our UASC Centre where a Business Unit is responsible for providing FAIMMS smallholder farmers we have aggregated

Agro-Inputs Production

The use of high quality inputs is the most singular important factor to the success of agricultural and farm production business. The quality and quantity of output largely depend on the quality of inputs used. In Nigeria, to obtain high quality agro-inputs from reliable sources or suppliers can be challenging.

At UASC Agro-allied Ltd, we produce the following agro-inputs directly or in partnership with other companies. ​

  • Enterprise-Specific Agro-Seeds

  • Enterprise-Specific Agro-Soil Medium

  • Soil-Enterprise-Specific Inorganic Fertilizers

  • Weed-Enterprise-Specific Herbicides

  • Enterprise-Specific Eco-Pesticides

  • Enterprise-Specific Eco-Vaccines

  • Agro-Innoculant Decomposers

  • Enterprise-Specific Feeds Production

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Farm and Agro-Mechanization Production & Services

Given the operational efficiency required for optimal and timely use of inputs especially raw materials and labour, mechanization is the bedrock of agribusiness. 


At UASC Agro-allied Ltd, we design, fabricate and manage the following farm and agro-mechanization production projects and services that guarantee efficiency and optimization in farm and agricultural production and processing businesses. ​

  • Sustainable Mechanized Agric & Rural Technologies (SMART)

  • Farm & Agro-Machines & Equipment Hiring & Leasing Services (FAMEHLS)

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