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Consultancy and Advisory Solutions
Agribusiness Firms and Individuals. 

AGRICS Ltd has the human and material resources to identify and deliver a wide range of consultancy and advisory solutions in the areas of Agribusiness Finance, Marketing, Management, Operations and Projects.


Suite B-14, 1st Floor, Nkwegu plaza, by Old Federal Secretariat, Area 1, Abuja,  and all UASC Centres across Nigeria  +234-907-6722-225; +234-809-1566-180

Ag-Optech Management Consulting Services

In every business, including agribusinesses, revenue is a product of price and output. However, the volume of output depends on the efficiency of business operations as it relates to inputs-outputs relationship and technology. To enhance our clients' business operations efficiency and cost minimization required for profits maximization, we obtain and analyze the relevant data using several complex algorithm methods and techniques for the results needed in making critical managerial decisions.


We offer and deliver the following Ag-Optech management consulting services to our clients to enable them operate their businesses more efficiently and profitably:

  • Operational activities work-flows and schedules;

  • Transaction and Operational Costs Minimization & control;

  • Business operations scales optimization

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AgFinance Consulting Services

Commercial or Deposit Money Banks (DMBs), Microfinance Banks (MFBs) and Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) including the CBN, BOI, BOA, DBN and NEXIM have several financing products and programmes for providing loans and credits to agribusinesses at competitive interest rates and tenor. However, most agribusiness firms, organizations and farmers find it very difficult if not impossible to obtain these loans and credits from DMBs and MFIs. Our team of experienced agribusiness finance experts with the requisite inter-personal networking relationships within the Nigeria's financial sector have deep knowledge of how to structure agribusiness loans and credit. In the past five years, we have consulted for over 150 agribusiness MSMEs in which more than 85% of them obtained loans and credit worth more than N12Billion.


We offer and deliver the following AgFinance consulting services for our clients to access agribusiness loans and credits faster and easily. 

  • Agribusiness Feasibility, Viability and Bankability Appraisal & Advisory. 

  • Bankable Agribusiness Plan Report. 

  • Follow-through Loan application, processing, approval and disbursement.

  • Monitoring and evaluation of loan and credit utilization.

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AgHR Management Consulting Services

Human resource (HR), be it in the form of labour or management, is critical in organizing and coordinating the other factors of production, especially land and capital. Successful management agribusiness projects becomes more challenging where the human resource is defective due to incompetence, negligence, sharp practices, dishonesty, lack of integrity, etc on the part of the workers and personnel. This often lead to losses and wastage of material resources and revenue leakages. 


We offer and deliver the following AgHR management consulting services to our clients to enable them mitigate these risks and losses associated with material wastages and leakages caused by staff and personnel. 

  • Recruitment: Sourcing, Employment Contracting, Induction training, etc.

  • Capacity building: Training and re-training for professionalism & competence

  • Appraisals: Performance Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting

  • Welfare: Benefits and Incentives packaging for optimal labour productivity

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AgMarketing Consulting Services

AgMarketing is about the most important functional area of agribusiness, being the source of cash inflows and liquidity into the system. Many agribusinesses have failed or struggling due to inadequate and steady cash inflows arising from poor and inconsistent patronage. At AGRICS Ltd, we have, over the years, built large database of agricultural value chain actors (AVCAs) from where we provide product and services off-take for our clients along agricultural value chain.


We offer and deliver the following AgMarketing consulting services to our clients to enable them increase their sales volume at reasonable prices via proper understanding of customers and markets. 

  • Acquisition of new customers and retention of existing ones. 

  • Spatio-temporal Agro-commodities price analysis information. 

  • AgMarket survey, research analysis and reporting.

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