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Agricultural Business School Ltd --- Inspiring and Empowering for the Partnership that works

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About Us


Apart from the problem of inadequate admission space, more than 60% of graduates from tertiary institutions (University, Polytechnic and Colleges) could neither get paid employment nor establish own business. This is partly due to their un-employability and partly due to lack of jobs. Un-employability of graduates could be attributed to Nigeria’s educational model and curriculum which prepares students to become job seekers (employees) instead of job creators (employers). Almost all the tertiary level institutions in Nigeria offer agricultural programmes. Specific institutions such as Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Agriculture have been established by both the Federal and State governments across the 36 States of the country. The curriculum and teaching methods for these agricultural programmes does not emphasis on acquisition of practical, technical and business knowledge and skills based on industry experience. Academic lectures are provided thereby equipping students mostly with theoretical principles but with little or no knowledge of how to apply these principles to solve practical problems. Students are not equipped with industry business experience on how scientific knowledge can be generated from research and applied to develop technological innovations needed to solve practical problems in the industry as a business. More so, Nigeria’s educational system does not provide thought-provoking and imaginative powers that can motivate students to be scientists, technicians and entrepreneurs.


Agricultural Business School (ABS) Ltd is an agro-based educational organization registered and incorporated in Nigeria by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and headquartered in Abuja, Nigeria. It is is a subsidiary of Usreedt Weach that facilitates agribusiness education in partnership with other institutions and students leading to the award of Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees at Bachelor, Masters and Ph D levels to the students. ABS primary goal is to provide theoretical and practical education on business-aspects of agriculture-related programmes. We blend academic theoretical knowledge with industry experience practices for the production of agribusiness entrepreneurs needed to drive Nigeria's agricultural sector on the path of growth and development in the 21st century. 


Our Agricultural Business School is managed by highly qualified and experienced educational experts with several years of industry experience in business, agriculture and education with support from its partner educational institutions.


Why Should You Choose Agricultural Business School?

  • Provision of technical and vocational training in Agribusiness

  • Scientific research training in various areas of Agribusiness for publications in local and international reputable journals

  • Three-in-one programme (agriculture, entrepreneurship and applied business studies)

  • Inspirational and Motivational Courses/lectures

  • Modern e-library well-equipped with state-of-the-art facilities

  • Linkage of students to key players in the agribusiness industry (industrial linkage)

  • Facilitation of students' access to several scholarship opportunities available

  • Assistance to graduates to easily obtain loan from commercial bank to establish their own agribusiness firms/companies and become graduate employers

  • Technical and Advisory assistance and guidance to graduate employers on the management of their own established agribusiness firms/companies

  • Assistance to obtain admission to Degree and postgraduate programmes in agribusiness related programmes in Universities in Nigeria and abroad

  • Student learning through audio-visual aid in a highly flexible environment

  • Opportunity to study in a very quiet and serene country-side environment away from bustling and noisy activities of cosmopolitan cities

  • Automatic part-time employment in any of the ABS Fresh Farms Ltd and partner agro-based companies

  • Opportunity for students to improve their writing skills, research and awareness about agribusiness industry within and outside Nigeria through contributions in SMART magazine as columnist

  • Provision of e-learning facilities for distance learning students via ABS e-portal

Our Vision
To be a world class organization that provides excellent agribusiness educational services in response to Africa’s agribusiness industry needs through a passionate, innovative, practical, disciplined and partnership approach to education.


Our Mission

To seek and assist promising and hardworking students, and to inspire, refine, empower and partner with them through the integration of academic training with agribusiness industry experience, for the production of graduates with intellectual and research capacity, technical and creative knowledge, professional business skills and proactive character to practically add value to Africa’s economy and beyond as 21st century agribusiness entrepreneurs and practitioners.

Our Core Values

Our core values reflect our work and are captured with the acronym “P.R.E.E.S.T”

  • Passionately Purposeful: We understand and appreciate agribusiness as a specialized field with its peculiar challenges. Hence we believe that the very purpose for which UCAN was established can only be achieved by working with people who have passion for agriculture.

  • Respectful: Mutual respect is the pathway to success in business. We believe that we can succeed in the course of our work at ABS by treating our students, staff and clients with the respect they deserve.

  • Excellence in Service: We believe that given the right environment, people have higher chances of excelling. At ABS, staff and student must be provided with conditions conducive for working, teaching and learning to enable them perform their duties excellently. Staff and students are completely responsible for any task given to them, no room for indolence, avoidable mistakes, lapses and excuses.

  • Ethically Resourceful: Being hardworking is good, but being ethical is better. We believe in people who can add value to ABS by being hard working, resourceful and maintaining high professional ethics in carrying out their studies, teaching, research and agribusiness activities.

  • Shared Ambition: With a sense of belonging, people work better. At ABS we adopted Employee-Part-Ownership Business (EPOB) model because we believe that our organization can better be managed by highly motivated people, who share the same feeling of ownership and interest and work to achieving the same goal and ambition in life.

  • Team Work: Nobody is a monopoly of knowledge. We believe that our objectives at ABS can be better achieved by working together in synergy such that everyone has equal opportunity to add value by making useful contributions.

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