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AgrEducation Solutions
Our AgrAcademic Education Support Services
Agricultural Business School Ltd has a Unit responsible for providing AgrAcademic Education Support Services at its UASC Centres

AgrAcademic Training Support Services

Nigeria has a rapidly growing youth populace with over 42% of the population within the school age of 6-25 years. This has continued to put immense pressure on the country's school system at all levels in terms of easy access to education and study materials. Available statistics indicates that less than 10-20% of students graduating from secondary schools apply to study agri-related programmes in tertiary institutions. every year, thousands of graduates are produced by tertiary institutions. With Nigeria's unemployment rate at over 35%, more than 60% of students who graduate from secondary school or tertiary institutions every year neither get jobs nor admissions to further their studies.


At our Agricultural Business School, we have the educational resources to provide agracademic training support services in the following areas: ​

  • Students’ Mental Attitude Reorientation Training (SMART) Services

  • Online Academic Studies Information System (OASIS) Services

  • Students Admission & Scholarship (SAS) Services

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AgResearch & Publication Services

Research is the foundation for knowledge generation and improvement required to succeed in our everyday business lives. All over the world, tertiary academic institutions are the citadel of research studies on which humanity drives progress in every aspect of human endeavour. Tertiary institutions especially the Universities are rated mainly by the rate of impactful researches conducted. Students contribute immensely in the research outputs of tertiary institutions. Most Universities that are highly ranked have achieved such feat due to the research contributions of students whose projects and works are published in national and international journals under the guidance of their supervisors. High quality textbooks and journals are excellent sources of literature for guiding the direction of research works.

At our Agricultural Business School, we provide the following agresearch and publication services: ​

  • Students Project Enhancement Support (SPES) Services

  • Postgraduate Agribusiness Research Training (PART) Services

  • Journal Articles Publication on Agribusiness in Nigeria (JAPAN) Services

  • Agribusiness Textbooks Publication Services

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