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Financial Inclusion Solutions
AgFinTech Services
Agrisccos Ltd has well-equipped and functional offices at its Agro-Services Centres (UASC) physically located in Rural & Semi-urban Areas across Nigeria

Our AgFin-Data & Information Dissemination Services


Access to accurate and adequate information is key to the success of agribusiness. Rain-fed system of farming, as is being practised by more than 95% of farmers in Nigeria, requires accurate and dependable weather indices. Also, farmers and agro-practitioners need to have information on market prices of inputs and outputs, financial literacy, etc to enable them make informed decisions. Also, precision agriculture, where more is obtained with less, is enhanced.


At Agrisccos Ltd, we offer and deliver the following data and information dissemination services to our customers. ​

  • Geo-spatial Agro-Market Price Trends and Forecasts Information

  • Financial Literacy Information

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Our AgFinTech Services


In the last two decades, there has been a surge in the use of information technology to drive agribusiness especially in the financial sector. In Nigeria, the application of FINTECH in the agricultural industry is still at infantry stage. Many agribusinesses can be better managed with the application of information and communication technology. The formal financial sector, especially Banks would always prefer to lend to agribusinesses largely supported with modern information and communication technology. This guarantees accountability, transparency and efficiency.


At Agrisccos Ltd, we offer and deliver the following AgFinTech services. ​

  • Mobile Phones and SIM cards Sales, customization and Repairs

  • Agri-client Voucher and biometric data card services

  • AgFinTech-Apps Development and Installation

  • E-AgMart Services

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